About Us

Women in Public Finance – Pacific Northwest Chapter was founded in 2016 as a chapter of the national organization, Women in Public Finance (www.wpfc.com). The mission of the Pacific Northwest chapter is to further the goals of the national organization which are to support and advance the careers of women in public finance by fostering relationships and networking, and providing educational and learning activities and forums.

The purposes of the Pacific Northwest Chapter include:

  • To broaden opportunities for women in public finance generally and particularly in the state of Pacific Northwest ;
  • To provide educational and networking opportunities to women in the public finance community through such things as seminars, panel discussions and informal events;
  • To facilitate and sponsor communication and coordination among local groups of women in the public finance industry; and
  • To facilitate the development of careers for women in public finance through establishing mentoring programs and providing guidance to mentoring relationships.

Participants include state and local government issuers, not-for-profit issuers, investment bankers, municipal advisors, attorneys, credit providers and analysts, trust officers and municipal market investors. The Pacific Northwest chapter provides opportunities for interaction among public finance professionals through networking events and an annual half-day conference.